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What users say about Brilliant Database

I started using Brilliant Database back in 2006 with V4.6. The thing that attracted me was the ease of development, and good customer support ( I always received a response in a day or two), and if I am asked one single feature that I like the most, that is the e-mail importer parser, and HTML export feature...

Farooq Subzwari

I have been using Brilliant database for a few years now & it has become indispensible to me in my daily work. It is most useful where you can do away with opening many different programs by setting up Brilliant to do all the different tasks, for example-calender,invoicing,storage of documents etc. Brilliant!!

Raj Maharajh

Brilliant Database is an easy to use database with several powerful features which allow a database to be created very quickly and is ideal for small networkable databases. It is not quite as rigid as a traditional database but this is sometimes an advantage. Using Brilliant Database Ultimate allows me to control a lot of the layout and features of the database as well as distribute my databases as I wish.

My main likes of the database are:

  • Easily networked.
  • Databases can be created very quickly.
  • Queries are very easy to create.
  • Reports and charts are easily created.
  • Very easy to set up user access and permissions.


I´m like Brilliant Database v9. A very good possibility is to change the layout. Also a good completion is to put in verios Icons.

Anton Sterr

I believe that Brilliant Database is the most robust and user friendly database software on the market today. It also consumes less space and computing power than any other program I own, making it one of the most efficient tools that I use. While I am computer literate, I do not have formal information systems training. Nevertheless, I have been able to create the most sophisticated databases and reports to do literally whatever I have imagined. I believe my custom created CRM system is more sophisticated, flexible, and dynamic than any off the shelf product. It has allowed me and my firm to maintain a competitive edge and generate record sales and profits over the past six years. Every upgrade advances the product dramatically, and we will be customers for life. There is also no better value for money.

Jon Ferrell

I have been using brilliant database for several years now and i am still very happy with it. I am not a programmer but brilliant database makes it possible for me to create my own databases; with my own special needs - i have created a simple databases like a dvd database in which i store which dvd"s i have with info and cover of that dvd so i can print out a list - but i also have created much more complicated databases such as a sort of time line for historical persons (a kind of genealogy database) in order to track down historical persons - so to me brilliant database has certainly earned its name.

Edwin Vervliet

Brilliant Database is the first windows database system I have been able to write scripts successfully. I can"t even do spreadsheet formulas but BD to me is natural, intuitive and the logical way to program. And of course you can do lots more with BD compared to a spreadsheet or most other databases where the average user ends up using the built in grid table that comes with the database. All database systems I have bought in the past came with "Let us do your database programming for you" offers. This is an indication of how difficult a learning curve and lots of wasted hours, tons of manuals from every known publisher but still after spending time and money I have not been able to write successful scripts in three other major brand databases.

Overall I am quite satisfied with BD because of what I have at last been able to "program" in Windows having done quite well in the DOS world it was becoming quite frustrating that I could not write a simple, or complex, program in Windows and now I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Trevor Browne

First Know Brilliant, I Think this is SOLUTION for my job...I dream and hope have IT... and now I have Brilliant, .. Brilliant DATABASE is SAVE my TIME WORK more Than 70% compare with other Application... Thank so much Mikhail-Brilliant Database for your help. I am not Rich.. But With Brilliant I can Save My TIME WORK, Thank

Dono Prasetijo

I"ve been able to do about everything I need with the software. I"m currently working as a freelance web designer. I used to be a database programmer, developing extensive database systems. For my current needs, I wanted something that was easy to set up and use, so I could focus on web design, rather than the details of complicated database software. Brilliant Database works in a different manner than the software I have used in the past, but once I understood the basic approach, I quickly had a couple databases set up that allow me to track client information including websites, hosting accounts, income and expenses.


I"ve been a Brilliant Database user for many years now, and recommend it to others for an easy to learn yet competent database. I use it to manage select archives for a historical society in which I am involved. I particularly like the tree-like contents folder that is automatically created as a map to the database records. It arranges your records by folder, and automatically appears by default on the left side of your application screen. I have been able to develop a quite attractive user-interface utilizing the importable graphics feature for the various record entry forms I create. I also import scanned images of our various artifacts. I have not yet pushed the system to its limits but have confidence that it can meet the challenge. It is quite robust. The documentation is clear and I have not encountered any bugs. Support service was quick and prompt when I needed to retrieve my lost registration key from prior purchase several years back.

This is a quality product and a terrifically great find. Please understand that I am not new to databases and I still use Microsoft Access for certain industrial applications. I also own FileMaker Pro. However, Brilliant Database is always my first consideration and I reserve these 2 powerhouse alternatives for jobs where ease- of- use, attractive front end, and short development time are not as critical. The product is a must for the free test trial. It"s one of my top 10 product finds in my many years of computer use and program purchases. I"m glad I found it.

Donald Bertrand (Hamden, CT)

I have been using your BDB software since it"s version 5. In my opinion, the current version 9 is the best I have seen so far as it now provides a rich and easy development tool without a steep learning curve. I can dare say that it now provides everything necessary for developing a professional database.

As you are aware, I have been developing a specialist database for highway structures in UK which it is now at a beta stage. I must say it has stretched my ability and the BDB database to it"s visual limits ! It is worth mentioning that this has been mainly to do with my prefernce for making the data manipulation visible to the end user on the screen ( Engineers like this facility)where the form refresh is very challenging for any softare (due to many components placed on the forms). I have to say that BDB in it"s latest version has overcome this problem by providing a new facility to view records in a grid format.

My database will be called Visual BMS "Visual Bridge Management System" and may become available commercially. A traditional database for such application has always been based on a SQL database due to the size of data. However, I am hoping to prove that in many occasions SQL will not be necessary as BDB will be able to cope with the job. In any case, for some exceptional situations an interface to SQL data is already available in BDB which is great and could overcome this problem too..


Well About me I am Deep in love with brilliant database. What was excellent is to add:

  • Dropdown lists can use data from record fields.
  • Record changes can be cancelled.
  • configure a dialog for selecting records.
  • Spell Checking for Rich Text Field .
  • Optimization .
  • a possibility to import folders without records .

Dr.Raouf ElKady

Overall I thought the product was good with the learning curve not being too difficult for a non programmer like myself (although i am computer savvy having worked in networking/it support). It has a lot of good useful features and it is possible to build good useful applications - very good for small businesses. I have never got round to putting a live system into place with my business however partly because I think i tried to acheive to much and build a system to complicated to cover everything and partly due to other things that happened in my business that meant i had less time. I still plan to go back and use it to build/redevelop a system to handle a smaller business function.

Other comments - I remember the support you offered being very good ads you responding quickly and always trying to work out the problem as fast as you can , which is very important in a product like this. the example DBs are also very good and useful for learning.

Phil Rice

My remark is "In my busy daily schedule it is the only dbase that I could easily understand, change and adapt to the changing needs."

Maarten Hesselink

I am using Brilliant to track club membership activities, personal training packages, and group fitness classes. I am not a database programmer, but have easily learned to utilize the vast array of features this program offers to give me all the information I need. It is fast, accurate, and has a seamless user interface. My employees have a very low learning curve because it is so intuitive. No programming code knowledge is necessary. It is truly a fantastic application.

Donald Pascucci

I have Brilliant Database V4.5 Pro, and certainly find it easy to use, versatile, easy to generate reports and customise front screen to whatever I want.

I am sure that there are many functions that I don"t use, and on the few occasions that I have needed support, the response has been excellent and quick, and to the point.

Certainly I would recommend Brilliant Database to anyone.

Colin Baillie

I use Brilliant Database for two purposes:

I use it for all my business databases - invoicing, lead management, GST (Australian consumption tax) reporting, sub-contractor payment and invoicing. It is easy to use, reliable to operate, and easy to maintain.

I also use Brilliant DB as an adjunct to database design. I can create prototype database applications and test working database designs with clients faster than they can specify their requirements. It"s very impressive to be able to discuss requirements with a client in the morning and walk in next morning to ask "So, something like this?".

I have used Brilliant DB for years now. It is continually developed and updated. Support has always been fast, helpful, and expert.

I have no hesitation in recommending Brilliant Database.

Howard Firkin, Director



MARIO, Tech And Trend

"Brilliant" concept, the BDB Ultimate V9 has so much to offer and appears to be able to do anything you set your mind to. Easy enough to get started straight away!

Laurence Waite

We have been a user-very much an amateur user-for 5 years; starting with Vers 4.

During that time the support that we"ve received from Brilliant Database has been top of the line. In most cases we have received a reply overnight and without fail the suggested solution has worked. Our charity organization"s client population has increased over this time from 20-30 families a day to 40-50. The program we"ve been able to write with Brilliant Database has scaled up perfectly and the price has been totally appropriate for our budget.

For our organization Brilliant Database is the only database we would consider.

John Barnes, St. Vincent de Paul Conference

We"ve been using Brilliant Database for almost 8 years and love the software. It"s extremely simple to create databases without any DB experience. Keep up the good work!

Paul Roulier

Our Intensive Care Unit is managed from 2004 under BDB, developed and adapted beginning with 4.8 SDK version and actually working under 8.4 SDK version.

Intensive Care Unit Hospitalisation Area (patients database, reports, coding, searching,...)

Pacemaker database: Implants, pacemaker and electrodes stocks, consultation follow up, alerts, ... 6 network desktop access against a server

Actually I"m changing this databases to BDB SDK 9 Ultimate

We are extremely satisfied: It"s very quick, easy to manage and develop, very stable (we have never lost information up to this moment).

This is the only software I use under windows (actually windows system 7) and every other work is done under OSX

Jesus Ormazabal Galarraga

I"ve been using Brilliant Database since version 5 (back in 2007), and so far I"ve been very pleased with the product. I"ve purchased several licenses (Pro and Workplace) and even used them for a simple clinical records system in our small medical center, with great success. Aside from that, I"ve kept using the product as a personal database, where I manage several kinds of information (Inventories, personal finances, personal projects, and even some sort of "Knowledge Base" for remembering the solutions to different problems I find on several subjects - very useful).

The visual designers and scripting facilities are what set this products apart from other offerings in personal database products. The latest additions (calendar view, query results view, etc.) are very useful. And the pricing and upgrade policy is very fair. Support is always responsive and helpful.

All in all, a great product, which I"m always excited to use. I hope it keeps improving to have an even better product.

Jaime de los Hoyos

Needing to create databases I came across Brilliant 5 some years back. I found it to be quick easy to use and very flexible. You can do most anything now especially with version 9. But most importantly for me is the great support the company supplies. Always get an answer to a question or if there is a problem with the software.

I would highly recommend it to someone who wants a simple to use Stand alone database compiler.

Joe Agrella

There"s the old saying "think outside of the box" when trying to solve a problem. Brilliant Database SDK lets me tear that box into shreds and implement systems that the company I worked for could simply never consider before. Now we have instant traceability, live trend analysis, customer complaints management and auto trending, certs of conformance, quality control checks, production record keeping, preventative maintenance.... and so much more. The changes that were made changed the face of the company and the new quality systems implemented helped the company grow and win new contracts in a new area for more profitable products like Baby Food and Medical Products. So needless to say I can"t ever stress how much of a difference it has made using this software.

James Tubbritt, Irish Acts Recording Studio

BDB has been a valuable tool for storing, organizing and formatting data.

It allows for a good deal of eccentricity and customization of the design and presentation of text, numerical and image information.

I use BDB to automatically generate and update websites from records, as well as keep track of bills, invoices, contacts and tasks... it has been my office, except for email.

C.P. Brown

Brilliant is a very userfriendly and developerfriendly database system, which does not only have a very good look and feel, but also has all benifits for automating various tasks, for a very userfriendly price.

Harold Kinds

I have used Brilliant Database for over 6 years. Nothing has worked as easily and fast for keeping track of our companies data.

Charles Yarbrough, DWHS Inc.

very user friendly, very easy to set up nice looking databases and create nice looking reports.

Jørn Rune Jakobsen

Brilliant Database is a wonderful tool for serious database"s developer, who wish to make a flexible and stable product in minutes. It has everything we need to build a new database from zero to huge multilevel datastructure.

I wish good luck for your team and thank you for your work!

Vladislav Kalashnikov, Russia

This has been by far the most useful piece of software I have on my workstation. I"ve been using it since the release of 4.5 (I believe) and I"m still finding new ways to use it. I could give you a long list of things I use it for. As far as a suggestion for future iPhone wiget that could sync with your database. A company called FMTouch ( ) has a wiget that syncs with Filemaker Pro. Since Brilliant Database blows Filemaker out of the water in my opinion an iPhone wiget would be the icing on the cake so to speak.

Brian Hoffman

I originally got Brilliant Database because of the was in my budget...I stay with it because it is user friendly and I can make the database with everything I need. Being able to set my database up the way I want to instead of trying to adapt someone elses database to my needs is great. I would recommend Brilliant Database to anyone looking for a database program.

Lillie G. Baird

Brillint Database is BRILLIANT. Enough said.

Jose Paulino Ferreira

As a coincollector I was searching for a good alternative for Excel to manage my collection. After a look around on the web I discovered Brilliant. The choice was made because the program promised me the features I need: relational database, dutch interface, customization, every report I wish. With the upgrade to version 9 the ability to edit records in tableview.

Hans Grootswagers

Brilliant Database is a nice look- and feeling database-programm. With evry update I like it more and would use it,

Jan Neddenien, Hamburg

There really is only one word to describe this product, and that is "Brilliant". It is rapid database development tool which is comprehensive, intuitive and great to work with for both stand alone and networked applications. My first application only took a few hours to complete, and that was a fully searchable database with hundreds of fields per record including data, images and movies, all done without the need of a manual or a training course, and to my way of thinking, that is a true sign of great software. Obviously I am a fan.

Stuart A Jackson, PhD FCCPM

I like very much how easy it is to use Brilliant database, I can spend my time working and not waste time doing some DB development and management tasks.

Nicolas Chantier

I was impressed with the simplicity and utilty of Brilliant Database version 8, and it seems as though version 9 is even better!

Well done.

Wendy Houldsworth

I tried several types of database programs before selecting Brilliant Database. Your program was the only one I was able to comprehend and use without any formal training. It was very easy to set up my database and maintain it. I"ve been using the program now for several years and I"ve never had any problems at all.

Susan E. Diggs

I needed a small database on a notebook computer I use whilst talking to clients. I did not want the huge overheads of other applications. Brilliant Database had a minimal learning curve, a small footprint, yet the power to accomplish all my needs and much more. To say impressed would be an understatement.

John Moran

I am a retired programmer of 30 years. I have worked in many different environments over the years. The functions built-in to BB are really quite time-saving. I wish such things were available back in the day; we had to code our function routines. Using BB, anyone can create fairly complex databases. Good job, keep-up the good work!

Patick McCombs

When I decided to purchase Brilliant Database, it was because of three reasons:

  1. The simplicity to quickly get started
  2. The ability to create a comprehensive folder structure
  3. The support for creating databases in many different languages

No other software on the market for creating databases had these criteria, so the choice was simple. Also, once started it was very easy to customize the layout and design of the database the way I wanted it, add details here and there.

The customer support has been very good, and I have always received detailed instructions on my designing queries, how to do that and that. I would welcome a forum for Brilliant Database, that would be very convenient.

Fredrik Pettersson

It is a program which allows you to do complicated database functions without any sophisticated database skills. Most of the ways of doing things are self explanatory, and the help menus can also get me out of trouble.

Philip Douglas

I really appreciate your software for his flexibility and even without exploiting completely his potential I have been able to fulfill my needs.


We"ve been using Brilliant Database for several years now in our ministry finances. It"s dependable, robust, and flexible. Plus, I"ve always gotten answers to my questions from tech support along with some superb assistance on code writing.

Thanks for a great affordable software... it"s simply brilliant.

Kerry Lord, President of Lord Family Ministry, Blue Hill, Maine, USA

Our Chaplaincy/Ministry is utilizing this software in every possible fashion. We can track our data quickly, efficiently and accurately.

I know I haven"t had to the time fully utilize it to all its full potential but I know it will serve us well as to date I am blessed by its availability.

I had looked for two years for something we could use to simplify yet fully track all the information we need to keep up with. Thank you for making this a simple task. I believe its potential is unlimited.

Rev. Stephanie Brewer

I"ve been using version 8 and 9 of Brilliant database for a little while now, and the more I use it the more I like it. I decided to have a long hard look at Brialliant database - the alternatives being Filemaker and Revolution. The application itself is very simple to use right from the start, there are always new things to try out, and you can go into the database creation process as lightly or as deeply as you need to. Support is always just one mail away.

Jeroen Caris

My comments to futures users are the following:

"It"s easy to use, yet it"s a very powerful software. It gives you the flexibility to manage your database according to your needs. Also Tech Support it"s awesome, very quick and efficient. Great tool, great job Binary!"

No cons suggestions so far.

Diego G. Sanchez

I found BrilliantDB whilst looking for a simple solution to create my Internal Job Database.

I have been tinkering with this for the last 4 years improving as I go and as requests come in from staff for more features.

I like to think I have created a very bespoke product which works well for us, compared with the $000"s for an "Industry Standard" product which just does not work for us.

Constant feature upgrades are very welcome and continually make this a powerful yet simple product to use.

Simon Ashmore

I have purchased brilliant database software and over the years I have seen the improvement that makes the software "brilliant". It"s easy to use and makes database software creation simple and fun.

If you have the time, patience and desire to create custom made datebase software brilliant database is the software for you.

It"s everything you need to make and create business management software.

Kevin Joseph

It"s a great product and customer satisfaction grantee. This product helped me to organise and mange a mass of information on our products and distribute a complete products catalogue. It"s a very easy to design any data base without knowledge in data base architecture. Now, I"m able to answer to any enquiries just in a second.

Mehrdad Shirvani

Brilliant Database is a product I"ve been looking for a long time! It"s easy to use and understand even for users and developers with no or little IT background! Brilliant Database might look very simple at a first glance, but actually is a very powerful tool to perform and/or automate almost any task! Brilliant Database is very suitable for individual entrepreneurs, micro and small businesses as well as may be used by mid-size or large corporations to automate non-standard workflow and routine tasks.

Rimas Petkevicius, Simpleta Ltd., Kaunas, Lithuania

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