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Creating Menu in Toolbar

Sometimes we want to create several toolbar buttons that perform similar actions. For example, you have several Export Templates and want to create a toolbar button for each of them, but you don"t want to jam your toolbar. In this case you can create a menu in the Toolbar.

The principle of toolbar menus creation is quite simple: there are three types of toolbar items. They are:

  • Button - a regular toolbar element that performs a specified action after you click on it.
  • Separator - is used to separate other toolbar elements.
  • Sub-menu - is used to create toolbar menus.

To create a toolbar menu you should first create a button (you don"t have to set any actions for it). Then create the necessary menu items: click New button, specify the necessary action for the created item and set its Type property to Sub-Menu. After creating all the necessary menu items, place them straight after the button you created first:

In this case the first toolbar item (the "Edit" button) will be displayed as a parent element for the menu and all Sub-menu items after it will become menu items. Let"s look at the resulting toolbar:

You should use menus when you can group several toolbar items. That will help you group similar toolbar items and reduce toolbar length.

Note: You can select an icon for the menu, but you can"t specify icons for its menu-items. You can insert separators in menus. To do that, create a separator and place it between sub-menu items:

The result will look as follows:

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