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Mailing from Brilliant Database

Very often while working with databases you have to send information from your database by e-mail. For example, if you work with a technical support department database that contains some records with information about your clients. Sometimes you have to send them letters with the latest news of your company, up-to-date price list, or just Season"s greetings.

Brilliant Database has a powerful mailing possibilities that can help to organize mailing actions. You can specify your mailing actions using Custom Export Editor.

First create a custom Export template for mailing. Then open the property window for the created mailing template.

Brilliant Database offers you the following possibilities:
  • You can select the way to send your e-mail. It can be sent using your default mailing software (The Bat, MS Outlook Express, etc.) or using MS Outlook. Or you can choose to send your e-mail directly through the SMTP server - this way you will need no additional software installed on your computer.
  • Integrate with MS Outlook. It allows you to use its contact list to select the addressees. You are also offered to use the MS Outlook Contact List and Distribution list to specify hidden recipients. (They can be added manually). Then you can store copies of mail in MS Outlook.
  • Attachments. You can select the option to send attachments of database records. You can also attach files to a letter manually.

Other properties of outgoing mail, such as letter structure, necessary areas of letters etc., can be specified in the Custom Export Editor.

Mail Import

Using Briliant Database you will be able to import incoming mail as well. Just select a letter in your mailing sofrware and drag it into Brilliant Database. Import Template Designer will appear. Using it you will be able to specify the rules for mail import.

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