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You can use a credit card, bank transfer, check, fax or mail payment method.

The ordering pages are located on secure web sites that encrypt all transmitted credit card data according to a secure HTTP protocol, so that your privacy would be maintained.

To upgrade your current license to the new version 10.5, please visit the upgrade page.

Downgrade is free, so if you use an old version of Brilliant Database - request a free key after v10.5 purchase at

Product Price Quantity Total
Brilliant Database ProfessionalCommercial License
Home License$79

This edition allows you to easily create any databases and work with them at the same computer. This edition is recommended for use if it is assumed that one person will work with the database at the same computer.

Brilliant Database Server$199

This edition makes it possible to create databases, and allows several users to work with them from different computers simultaneously. Computers working with the database can be connected via a local network, as well via Internet. To work with a remote database, it is recommended to use the Brilliant Database WorkPlace Edition application.

Brilliant Database Workplace$39

This edition allows you only to work with any database created with Brilliant Database, stored on the local computer or a remote one. As opposed to any other editions, this edition does not have database editors; that is, you will not be able to add new fields to a form or create a new report using this edition.

Brilliant Database Ultimate$1799

This edition allows you to easily create databases and compile them into independent applications. A compiled application is a usual program for Microsoft Windows, that is, you will be able to sell it, distribute it among colleagues, upload it to your site for downloads and so on. The application will be presented under your name and your logo; you can set up all menu items, texts and graphic representation.

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