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View Menu

The 'View' menu is accessible from the main menu and allows you to determine the appearance of the program:

  • List of Folders - determines if the list of folders should be displayed. This option is the property of the database, not of the program. That is, this property is stored in the database itself and can be changed at opening different databases.
  • List of Query Results - determines whether a small window with results of query execution should be displayed or not. This window is located under the list of folders. Usually it appears automatically at execution of a query with corresponding settings for results displaying. This is a database property.
  • Status Bar - determines whether the status bar at the lower part of the program window should be displayed or not. This is a program property.
  • Toolbar - determines whether the user toolbar at the upper part of the program window should be displayed or not. This is a database property.
  • Language - allows you to select the program interface language. If a necessary language is not available in the list, you can translate the program to this language on your own. To learn more, see the Localization section.
  • Charset - allows you to select encoding in the program. It may be necessary if the standard encoding used in Windows differs from the one with which you work in the database.
  • Advanced... - this menu opens advanced settings.

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