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Advanced View Settings

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Advanced View Settings

Select "View->Advanced..." from the main menu to open this dialog. It contains misc settings grouped on 3 tabs.


On this tab you can change fonts for the basic elements of the main software window:

  • Toolbar buttons:
  • List of folders:
  • Window Titles (for the selected record and folder):
  • Record Tab Strip:

Replace Tree

Using this tab you can replace the default tree of folders with a custom html page. To know more read the "Creating HTML Frames" section.

Misc Settings

This tab contains different ungrouped settings:

  • Open Records from "Find Records" in. This option allow to select an action that will be performed than a user double-click a record in the "Find Records" dialog:

    You can choose to:
    • Open the record in a new popup window;
    • Open the record in the main software window.
  • Show non-editable text fields as. There are 2 variants of how to show blocked text fields in the database:
    • As locked fields. A user can select and copy text, but he cannot change it:
    • As greyed fields. A user cannot select or activate these fields:
  • Remember vertical split rate separately for each form. This option has an effect if you use several forms in your database and the "Vertical split" layout type for folders.
  • Allow cancel in popup record edit forms. If you mark this flag you will be able to close a without saving changes:

    By default all changes in a record are saved automatically.

All topics in the "Interface" section: