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Access Levels for Folders

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Access Levels for Folders

The Brilliant Database uses the hierarchical system of determining access rights (the same as used in Microsoft Windows). Let's imagine we have the Parent folder that contains the SubA and SubB subfolders:

If you set the Read Only access level for the Parent folder, this level will be automatically applied to the SubA and SubB subfolders (provided, however, there is no access rights set individually for them). But, if you set the Read and Write access rights for the SubB subfolder, you will be able to edit data even if its parent folder has the Read Only access level.

Therefore, the access level for a group of users for every folder/record is determined:

  • By the folder itself, if access levels are evidently set using the Access Level menu;
  • By the parent folder, if the access rights are not specified for the current folder itself;
  • By the access rights set for the user who has logged into the database, if the folder is a root folder.

However, if the user who has logged into the database has the rights of Administrator, he or she has unrestricted access to all folders and records, regardless of the access rights set for separate database elements.

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