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Access Levels for DB Elements

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Access Levels for DB Elements

You can set different access level for user groups for the following elements of the database:

  • Folders and Records - right-click an object and select the Set Access Levels... menu item. It is possible to specify the groups of users that will have writing rights, and groups that will have reading and writing rights.
  • Form Fields - open the Forms Editor and select  a necessary field. At the top of the window in the properties of the element select the Edit and Visibility item. On the displayed tab select the Only For Groups... value from the list for the Visible or Editable property.
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    Now, clicking the Set Groups button, you can specify the groups of users for which this field will be visible/accessible for editing. Note: prohibition to edit fields for some groups does not apply if the value of the field is changed from the script.

  • Toolbar Buttons - in Toolbar Editor select any button and select the Show this button only for the selected groups” check box. This will allow you to make the button (or menu) on the toolbar available only for specific groups.
  • Timers - in Database Timers select any timer and select the Run only for the groups check box. Now the timer will be executed only for the specified groups of users.

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