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Toolbar Editor

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Toolbar Editor


Unlike other programs, Brilliant Database doesn't provide a fixed set of buttons and menus for the toolbar. Here you can create a button or a menu with any icon, hot key and script. Script is an event that happens on clicking  the button or on selecting the menu option.


Select the Designer > Edit Toolbar menu item to open the toolbar editor window:


Alternatively, you may right-click the toolbar:

Besides the main toolbar, you can also create individual toolbars for each folder and query results:

Toolbar Editor Interface

The left part of this window (1) contains a list of buttons and menus. The right window part (2, 3) contains controls to set the selected toolbar item:

Use the buttons at the top of the list to:

  • New - add a new button, separator or menu to the toolbar;
  • Delete - delete the selected toolbar item;
  • Up arrow icon - move the selected toolbar item to the left;
  • Down arrow icon - move the selected toolbar item to the right.

Button Script Frame (3)

Use the Modify Script... button to set the script to be executed when clicking the button.

Button Appearance Frame (2)

Type Property

This property defines the appearance of the toolbar item:

  • Button - displays an item as a regular button:

  • Sub-Menu - displays an item as a drop-down menu item that is opened by left-clicking the button. This kind of item should be positioned after a regular button. This will add a drop-down arrow icon to the regular button. The following pictures illustrate the correct menu layout:


  • Separator - adds a separator displayed as a vertical line when positioned between two buttons, and as a horizontal line when positioned between two menu items:


Caption Property

This property sets the text of a button or menu item.

Hot Key Property

Allows setting the key combination to execute the selected item action (see below). One-key hot keys are not recommended to use to avoid accidental keystrokes.

Icon Property

Assigns an icon to the button. To change the button icon, click the Change button.

Pop-up Text Property

Defines a tooltip that will pop up when the pointer is placed over the selected item:

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