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Export/Send Templates Tags

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Export/Send Templates Tags

Depending on the selected template type, you can use various special characters (tags) in its text to format output data:

For a Web page (HTML)

You can use all html tags (<b>, <i>, <table>, etc.). To learn more about formatting web pages, visit the official site of the html markup language.

For MS Word

In the current version you can use the following tags to format the text following them:

  • <b> - bold text
  • <i> - italic text
  • <u> - underline text
  • <strike> - strikethrough text
  • <size=10>, <size=14>, etc. - set the font size of the text
  • <font=Arial>, <font=courier>, etc. - set the font of the text
  • <p> - begin a new paragraph
  • <pagebreak> - begin a new page

To finish a tag, you should put an end tag - it is a tag with the same name, but with a slash, for example: </b>, </font>, </size>. Some tags (<p>,<pagebreak>) do not require end tags.

For example, if you enter the following text into the area:

This is <b>bold</b> text. And this is <i>italic</i>.<p>New line.
     <size=18><b><i>Big Bold Italic text</i></b></size>

You will get approximately the following:

This is bold text. And this is italic.

New line. Big Bold Italic Text

For E-Mail

There are no special tags for e-mail, but there are some specific areas:

  • Recipient Address (E-mail) - use this area to specify the e-mail address of the message recipient (for example,
  • Recipient Name - use this area to specify the name of the message recipient.
  • Subject - use this area to specify the subject of the message.

In case you use the One mail per one record template, you can specify database fields as a data source for these areas (for example, [25# Customer e-mail]), the same as for usual areas.

To get more information about integration with mailing software, see the Mailing Help section.

  • Body - message text. Note: If you use database fields with images, they will be added to the message as attachments.

For Clipboard

There are no special tags, data will be copied into the clipboard according to the template. To make sure that the template works, open any text editor (Notepad, WordPad, MS Word, etc.) and select the Paste command from the Edit menu.

For Simple Text File

There are no special tags, data will be exported into a text file according to the template.

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