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Export/Send Templates Editor

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Export/Send Templates Editor

To open the Export/Send Templates Editor, select a corresponding type of template from the "Design DB->Export/Send Templates" menu:

If there are no templates in the database, the New Template wizard will be opened. If there is at least one template in the database, you will see the Export/Send Templates Editor::


  • 1 - Lists of templates to select for editing;
  • 2 - buttons (create new template, specify settings for the selected template, delete the selected template, sort templates);
  • 3 - List of areas used to select the area for editing. More information about areas...
  • 4 - Text editor used to edit the selected area content. Beside plain text, fields and variables, you can insert here special tags permissible for this type of template. For example, if it is a template for creating a Microsoft Word document, we can use the "<pagebreak>" to define the page break. Learn more about tags...
  • 5 - Quick insert and format buttons to insert fields, variables or formulas. To learn more, see the Text Formulas section.

Click the Preview button to see how the active template works.

The Mass Replace button allows you to replace one and the same text in all or selected templates.

Template Properties

To open the Template Properties window, click the Modify Properties... button. Depending on the template type, its properties window may look differently.

Properties of Web-page/Text Templates

  • Template Name. Specify the name of the template used to identify the template.
  • Output file(s) extension. Specify the extension of the output file(s).
  • Replace the "Return" tag with. You have an option to replace the line break tag with any other in the exported file. This option is especially useful when exporting to HTML files;
  • Replace HTML tags. If selected, special HTML tags ("<", ">" etc.) will be replaced with their HTML equivalents (&lt; &quot; &gt; etc).
  • Don't open the created document after export. If this check box is selected, after files are created, they will not be automatically displayed. By default, created files are automatically opened with the default program.

Properties of Ms Word Templates

  • Export data to the active MS Word Document. If this option is enabled and there is an opened MS Word document, the data will be exported to it, beginning from the current cursor position.

Properties of E-mail Templates

Properties of a template for sending e-mails are extensive and are described in the "Mailing" section.

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