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Timers are used to execute scripts automatically in the specified moment or at regular intervals.

To learn more about creating scripts, see the Script Designer section.

Creating and Editing Timers

Use the Design DB > Edit Timers... menu command to open the timers editor window:

The left part of this window contains a list of timers for the current database. The right window part contains information about the selected timer.

Use the buttons at the top of the list to:

  • Add Timer - create a new timer;
  • Remove Timer - delete the selected timer.

All timers work independently. Active timers are highlighted in bold in the list.

The timers will start working when you close the timer editor.

Timer properties

  • Name - timer name. It doesn't influence the work of the timer.
  • Script - by this button you can modify a script that will be executed by the timer. To learn more about creating scripts, see the Script Designer section.
  • Period - on this tab you can specify the period of time for the script to be executed. The following variants are possible:
    • On database startup - the specified script will be executed right after the database is opened.
    • On database closing - the specified script will be executed when the user tries to close the database. If the predefined variable value is set to 1 in the script, the database closing will be cancelled.
    • Every (seconds) - the script will be executed every N seconds. The minimum possible interval is 5 seconds.
    • Every week - the script will be executed on specified week days at the selected time.
    • Every month - the script will be executed monthly at the selected time.
  • Enabled - select this check box to enable the timer.
  • On Background - if this check is not selected, the script for the timer will be performed only in case you are working in the software. If the program window is minimized, for example, and this check box is not selected, the timer action will not be performed.
  • Run Only for the groups - this option allows you to specify user groups, for which this timer will work.

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