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Text Button

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Text Button Field Example

It is recommended that you first read through the Form Editor section.

Although this element looks just like a simple text, it doesn't store any information, and its behavior resembles a regular button. When you select this element in the database mode, enter a text and click Enter. This will execute the script specified for this element and send the information entered in this field into the first entry dialog. Let's study two examples in more detail:

Example 1. Suppose there is a database with a list of clients and a query that enables the user to find a client by the first letters of the name.

Create a text button field in the bottom part of the form with client information.

Set execution of this query as its action. The use of User Input in this query requires that the user enters additional information (client name). When the Text Button is used, this information will be retrieved from the text of this field:

Example 2. Set creating a new folder as the action for the field. To create a folder, the user is suggested to enter the folder name:

However, since we are using a text button, the text entered into this field on the form will automatically transform into the dialog for entering the name for the new folder.

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