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Synchronization - General

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Synchronization - General


The synchronization allows you to move or update records, forms, reports and other elements from another database of similar type. For example, you can update reports in an old database or import records created in another database.

To import data from other databases (Excel, Access, etc.), you should use the Import from 3rd part DB.

Synchronization Wizard

Select File > Import/Export > Synchronize with another DB to open the synchronization window:

1. First you should specify the database from which the data will be imported. To do it, click the "..." button. Note: you can import data only if the database version coincides with the version of the program.

2. After that, the buttons for importing different database elements will be available:

  • Records
  • Forms
  • Queries
  • Report Styles
  • Timers
  • Custom Export Templates
  • Custom Import Templates (parsing)
  • Toolbar
  • User Functions

Click the Other... button to update all queries, report styles, user functions and so in the current database at once.

To save relations in the imported records, don't click the Finish button before you import all the relational records.

If it is necessary to perform the same synchronization for several databases or simplify the process of synchronization for another user, you may create a file for automatic updating on the basis of performed synchronization.


If the current database already contains a form similar to the form you are importing, the program will offer you to update it instead of importing:

When updating is over, the imported form will replace the current form. If the fields in the current form don't coincide with the fields in the imported form, data loss may occur.

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