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ADB Server Monitor

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ADB Server Monitor

ADB Server Monitor is a small application that allows to automatically:

  • Run Brilliant Database;
  • Open a specified database and login into it;
  • Share this database over network;
  • Monitor the database status, alert and restart it in case of freezes (hangs).

You can run it from the "File->Share Database..." windows of Brilliant Database:

ADB Server Monitor Interface

The top part of the software window contains information about the opened database. In case the database doesnt reply for more than 2 seconds (freeze) it will change to:

If the database freezes for more than 5 seconds (by default), the montor will alert with a sound and restart the database.

Configuration Tab

On this tab you can specify an application and a database to monitor. To edit this data you should stop montoring, by clicking the "Stop monitoring" button.

Log File

This tab contains a list with all important events.


This tab allows you to setup timeout values for different operation. In case an operation takes more time than specified, the monitor will alert about it and restart the monitored application.


This tab allows you to turn on/off a sound alert and specify any executable application or an URL that will be opened in case of database crashes or hangs.

All topics in the "Network and Users" section: