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Main Texts

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Main Texts

In this section, you can change all texts used in the program (message texts, labels of menu, help file and so on):

About->More Info...

This text will be displayed on clicking the "Additional information..." button located in the "About" window of the compiled program:

If the text is not specified, the button will not be displayed.

Visit Home Page URL

In this window you should enter the URL of the web page that should be opened when the user selects the "Visit Home Page (www)" item from the Help menu. This item can be disabled on the Features tab.

Help File

This item allows you to select the Help file that should be used in the program. The Help file can have any format, but we recommend using the standard ones, for example, Adobe Acrobat (pdf), Plain Text (txt), HTML (htm), Microsoft Word (doc), Help File (chm/hlp).

The file selected with the help of the "Change..." button will be copied to the project folder and renamed in Help. This file will be included into the project.

If you do not want to include the Help file into the program, disable the corresponding menu item on the Features tab in the "Help" section.

Powered By

Using this menu, you can hide information about the engine of your program in the About window.


All standard texts used in the program are stored in the main_[lang].txt file. For example, for English it will be main_eng.txt file; for Russian - main_rus.txt file.

To select the file and language that you want to use, click the "Set language..." button.

To edit the language file, click the "Edit textual resource file..." button.

Spell-check dictionary

To include your own spell-check fictionary file (dict_[lng].txt), just copy it to the project folder.

All topics in the "Creating Executable Applications" section: