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Setup Options

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Setup Options

Brilliant Database Ultimate creates not an empty program, but a full-featured product (distributive) ready for immediate distribution, that includes the installation program in it. Usually the installation program:

  1. Displays information about the installed program.
  2. Displays the License Agreement to the user. The file of the License Agreement that will be included into the distributive is stored in the project folder and is called "license.txt".
  3. Unpacks the program files to the user's computer.
  4. Creates icons on the Desktop and in the Start menu.
  5. Links program files (databases) to the program itself. You can select any extension for files of your database. However, we do not recommend using popular extensions (for example, mp3, txt, zip, doc, mdb, xls) to avoid conflict with other applications installed on the user's computer.
  6. Launches the program when the installation process is complete.

The "Setup Options" tab allows you to set up execution of these actions.

Messages displayed at installation can be edited on the "Setup Texts" tab. You can use the Unknown block: APP_NAME tag not to enter the program name all the time.

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