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Protecting Created Application

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Protecting Created Application


So you created your own program using Brilliant Database Ultimate and now it's time to think about its protection. From what and how can you protect your program?

1. Protecting the database structure from unauthorized changing

Created with the help of the Ultimate version, the program works with databases files, the format of which is identical to the format of files used in Brilliant Database. It is very convenient at the program development. However, you would not like the user of the program created by you to have a possibility, having installed Brilliant Database, to open a database file of the program and change it: for example, to correct a formula or delete a critical field on the form. Or to see how script works inside the program.

To protect the program from such unauthorized access, Brilliant Database has a mechanism of protection from viewing or editing its database. To enable it, open the properties window of the EXE project (Design!->Application Project Setting) and on the last tab select the Protect modification/viewing... check box:

At that the structure of the database will be encrypted with a random key that will be written to the folder of the exe-project (.sdk). Therefore, to open such database the user will have to have such folder, that is, nobody except the author of the project having the .sdk folder with a key will not be able to get access to the inside of your program.

To this end, there is the number "Software UID", assigned at the moment of the project creation. It is written in the encrypted way into the created program and into the database and used for the created program to be able to work only with its databases.

For example, if you created 2 programs using Ultimate - XYZ Notes and XYZ Photos, the XYZ Notes will not be able to work with the database files created by the XYZ Photos program.

2. Creating a demo-version and protecting from unauthorized copying

To provide to potential clients a possibility to view the program options and not to be afraid that it is used illegally, usually a demo version of the program with limited functionality is created.

The easiest way to create a demo-version using Brilliant Database Ultimate is to limit the maximum number of records in one folder. You can do this by selecting the second check box on the Protection tab in the properties window of the exe project (see above).You can also disable some functions critical for the work of the program on the Menu and Features tab.

3. Using side solutions for protection from copying

Beside a demo version, you can also create a trial version of the program limited in the number of launches or in the period of use (for example, 30 days, after which the user will have to enter a registration key). Or to protect your program with the HASP Security Hardware Key.

To create such kind of protection, there is a number of specialized programs and services (for example, AsProtect or Alladin).

Creating the program protection using side products is usually carried out by one scenario:

  1. Start the program for protection creating.
  2. Select the main executable file of the program that should be protected. In our case, this file is located in the exe-project folder, and is called bdb_wp_engine.exe.
  3. Set the protection parameters (for example, specify the number of days during which it will be possible to use the program without a registration key).
  4. Click the Protect button (or Finish, Go and so on), and the program will change the code of the bdb_wp_engine.exe file, adding its protection to it.
  5. Now you can launch Brilliant Database Ultimate and click the Make button to build the program distributive. A protected version of the program will be included into it.

Now, at starting the program, first the added protection module will operate, that will provide the user with an access to the program only if all necessary conditions that you selected are met (availability of the USB-key, entered registration key, unexpired trial period and so on).

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