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My Menu

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My Menu


In this section, you can add your own menu in the main menu. The added menu will be displayed right after the "File" menu, for example:

Creating Menu

To create your own menu, open the project settings and on the "Features" tab, select the last item - "My Menu":

  • Menu Name - defines the name of the menu;
  • Show Menu - select this check box for the menu to become visible;
  • Add Item - adds an item to the submenu. On clicking this button you should enter the submenu name and define a script that will be executed when this submenu is selected. To create a separator, enter the dash character (-) as a name.
  • Up/Down - moves the current menu up or down in the list.

The created menu is a feature of the created program, not the database feature (in contrast to the toolbar, for example). That is, if you open the database with the Brilliant Database Pro program, you will not see the menu in it.

Please keep in mind that you can also create drop-down menus on the Toolbar:

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