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Icons and Logos

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Icons and Logos


To get access to setting logos and icons of the program, open the properties window of the SDK project (Designers+SDK->Exe Database Project Settings) and click the corresponding tab:

It is the most convenient to edit graphic files of the program using specific editors (Adobe Photoshop, Paint, etc) or order them from professional designers. All files are located in the project folder with the ".sdk" extention that you can open y clicking the Explore Exe Project Folder button.

Intro Screen (logo.bmp)

This image is used as a background of the About and Intro windows.

The size is 500x250 pixels. At the bottom right part of the window it is necessary to leave a white rectangular for text information, for example:

Wizard Screen Logo (wiz.bmp)

The given picture is displayed in the left part of different dialog windows and wizards.

The size is 130x280 pixels. It is advisable to make edges of an image white for them to harmoniously fit into the program interface.


The program icon is a company's image and its logo - this is what the user associates the program with.

The format of an icon differs greatly from a usual graphic file - that is why it is better to order it from professionals or use special icon editors. In short, when creating an icon, it is necessary to remember that:

  • An icon file contains a number of graphic files with an image of an icon of different sizes. Usually it is 16x16 for a window title and the Start menu, 32x32, 48x48 and 64x64 for displaying on a desktop.
  • Icons, in contrast to usual images, can contain transparent areas (pixels) for nicer displaying of an image on the desktop. For example:

Setup Icon (setupicon.ico)

This icon is used for the program distributive and usually looks in a traditional way:

Setup Icon (setupicon.ico)

The main program icon, is used in the window title, in the Start menu, as an icon on the desktop and so on:

Other graphics

ll other graphics used in the program is a property of the database, for example, for editing icons on the toolbar, open Toolbar Editor.

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