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Application Project Folder

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Application Project Folder

Basic Information

The Application Project Folder contains files that will be included to the distributive of your program and that determine its outward look and functionality.

The given folder is created automatically at the first start of the Application Project Settings module and has the ".app" extension and is always located in the same place where your database is.

Application Project Folder Content

This folder contains the following items:


  • Icon.ico - this file will be used as an icon of your application. To learn more, see the SDK - Changing logo and icon section.
  • Setupicon.ico - file that will be used as an icon for the distributive package of your application (installer). To learn more, see the SDK - Changing logo and icon section.
  • Logo.bmp, Wiz.bmp - graphic files that will be used as a logo of your program. To learn more, see the SDK - Changing logo and icon section.
  • Main_[lng].txt - this file contains all string constants used in the program. You can edit it in correspondence with your requirements or translate it to any other language. Learn more about localization...
  • Bdb_wp_engine.exe - the main executable file of the program. You can protect it using side software to prevent unauthorized copying. Learn more...
  • Main.dat - system files.
  • Help.??? - Help file. Learn more...
  • License.txt - file with the text of the License Agreement. To include the License Agreement into the installation, select a corresponding check box on the "Setup Options" tab of the project properties.

The "myfiles" Folder

Place in this folder all files you want to include into your software (sounds, graphics, etc.). To access this folder from a database script use the following system variable: "[$_myfiles]" E.g. if you place an "readme.doc" file into this folder, you will be able to access it by using the "[$_myfiles]\readme.doc" path.

All topics in the "Creating Executable Applications" section: