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To get access to setting the menu and features of your program, select the Design!->Application Project Setting menu item and click the corresponding tab:

All options are divided into 6 sections as they are located in the main menu of the program. If you disable some feature, it will disappear from the menu and will not be available by the standard means; though you will still be able to execute it from the script. For example, if you disable the "Record->Delete Record(s)" feature, in the compiled program:

  • The "Record->Delete Record(s)" menu item will disappear.
  • Selected records will not be deleted from the active list of records when the Delete key is pressed.
  • But if there is the "Delete Record(s)" action in some script, it will be executed.

Therefore, you can fully control and change the user interface. For example, you want that the user should not have a possibility to randomly create folders and records, and should be able to print only specific records. To do this, disable the Add and Print menus and create on the toolbar or a form buttons performing analogous actions, but at that fully controlled by your scripts and conditions; or visible only to specific groups of users.

At disabling all menus, the interface of your program can look very compact:

Besides, in this section, you can create your own item in the main menu of the program (the last item My Menu). Learn more....

List of features

  • Main Menus - In this section you can disable any of the program main menus (Add, Folder, Record, Queries, Help):

  • "File" Menu - Options available from the "File" menu (work by the network, users, export/import and so on);
  • "Record" Menu - Operations available for records;
  • "Folder" Menu - Operations available for folders;
  • "Queries" Menu - Setting up options of work with queries;
  • "Help" Menu - Setting the "Help" menu. The path to the help file and information about the program can be specified in the "Main Text" section.

All topics in the "Creating Executable Applications" section: