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Report Style Editor Elements

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Report Style Elements
  • Database Field is used to print the value of the record field. The main parameter of this field is the name of the record field that contains the value to print.

  • Formula Field is used to print the processed report data (total product cost, product year fall of price, average age, etc.). The main parameter of this field is a formula used to calculate the field value. For example, we know the product quantity and its price. The formula to calculate the total consignment cost will be as follows: [Cost]*[Quantity]. The formula to calculate the average consignment cost will be as follows: repMathOp(|Cost|,|SimpleAverage|). For more information see the Formula Editor section .

  • Chart is used to print charts (vertical/horizontal bars, pie charts). To create a chart, specify the field to be used as its argument (for example, time, the name of a town or a person) and the fields to be used as the source of its values (for example, sales volume, population, height and weight of a person). Learn more about charts...

  • Static Text/Image/Shape. Decoration elements that are the same at printing, regardless what records are printed.

  • Time/Date. At printing, this field displays the current date/time (that is, the time of printing).

  • Page/Record Numbers. This field displays the page number, number of records in the report, the number of records per page and so on.

  • User Input. This element displays text that any user can change in the preview window before printing.

  • Text Formula. Displays text by the specified Text Formula.

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