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User Input Field

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User Input Field

User Input. This element displays text that any user can change in the preview window before printing.

For example, we have created a Report Style for printing the Invoice:

And we want the user who makes the Invoice to have a possibility to add any note to it (for example, special conditions of shipping or payment). You can make this note as usual text but in this case it will be necessary to edit the Report Style every time you make the Invoice, which is complicated and can be done only by the database administrator.

To solve this problem, let us add to the end of the Invoice the User Input field and call it "Comments":

Now, at printing the Invoice, at the upper left part of the preview area we will see an additional field:

If we enter text in this field and click "Update", this text will appear in our Invoice:

The value that was entered at preview is saved and used by default at subsequent printing. You can create several User Input fields for every Report Style.

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