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Database Field

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Database Field

Database Field is used to print the value of the record field. For example, if we want to print records as a table, we have to create a number of database fields on the report and locate them one next to another in the "Record Data" area:

In this case, these are two fields displaying values of fields of the printed "Title" and "Room Type" records.

If such Report Style of three records is used, the report will look in the following way at printing:


  • Source Field - what field should be printed.
  • Source Record - field of what record should be printed. Possible values:
    • Default - field of the current printed record (see the picture above). It can be used in the "Record Data" area only.
    • Fixed Record - field of any record selected from the database. For example, if in the database there is a record storing information about the database creator and we want to display this data in the header of the report, we can create the "Database Field" in the report header, where we can define this record as a "Source Record".
    • From Recordset - similar to "Fixed Record", but instead of selecting a record, we define a recordset variable, from which a record is taken at printing. That is, to use this option, we need to start printing from the script, that should first initialize the recordset variable, and then call printing, for example:

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