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About Report Styles

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About Report Styles

Report Styles determine in what way records should be printed. For example, the same records about people can be printed as a table, Envelopes, Business Cards, Photos.

Creation of a Report Style is similar to creation of a form - we also add different elements onto the Report Style, such as database fields, labels, graphs, page numbers and so on. The way we locate these elements on the Report Style determines the way records will look at printing. For example:

  • Fields are located one next to another, one record for one line - and we get a table:

  • Records are printed as forms:

  • Records are printed as forms, in three columns:

Report Areas

It is a common practice that a report is divided into several areas. This software presumes that a report consists of the following areas:

Header is printed at the top of each page and usually contains the company name and logo.

Title is printed on the first page only, right next to the header, and usually contains the report name. The title area can also be used as a title page (to learn more, see the Records Layout section).

Sub-Header is printed on each page, right after the title or the header. Basically, it is used to print table headers.

Records represents the data areas and forms the body of a report. The number of data areas is defined by the number of records used to form the report. Each data area represents only one record. Records can also be displayed in several columns and grouped.

Summary is printed after all record data areas. It usually contains information based on records included into the report (number of records, number of pages, average cost, etc.)

Footer is printed at the bottom of each page and usually contains the page number and the printout date.


Report styles can also be used to show report windows.

All topics in the "Report Style Editor" section: