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Printing Records

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Printing Records

You can print records using one of the following methods:

  • Select File > Print... from the main menu;
  • Select Queries > Print Query Result from the main menu;
  • Create a button on a form/toolbar with the Print Records action.

To print records, it is necessary to create at least one Report Style defining how records should be printed on the paper.

Print Preview Window

1 - Window for selecting report style and records for printing

  • Print specifies the records to print (current, selected, all in the current folder, query results, etc). At printing records from a variable, this list can be inaccessible.
  • Records Type specifies the type of the records to print;
  • Report Style specifies the report style (to learn more, see the Report Style Editor section) used to print records.

2 - Control window

  • Printer Setup... - use this button to configure printer properties. Alternatively, you can click the printer name;
  • Help - show this page;
  • Cancel - cancel printing;
  • Print - print the records;
  • Modify Report Styles - click this button to open Report Style Editor and correct the selected report style.

3 - Additional Options

Use this window to specify User Input strings used for the current report style. Use the Update button to apply changes.

4 - Print preview window

Use this window to preview the data before printing. To scale the image, use the Scale + and Scale - buttons. Use the [<<], [<], [>], [>>] buttons to select the page you want to view.

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