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Standard Operations With Records

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Standard Operations With Records

Creating New Records

To create a record, use one of the following methods:

  • Select the Add >[Record Type] menu item. In this case, a record will be stored in the current folder or in the folder set as default for this type of records. You can select a default folder using the Form Editor, in the form properties.
  • Make the records list active and then press the Ins key on your keyboard. This option can be blocked in the folder properties.
  • Create a button on a form or toolbar with the Add Record action.

Default Values

At creation of a record, all its fields will be initialized with default values. To set these default values, do the following:

  1. Create a record;
  2. Fill its fields with values that will be used in future as default values.
  3. Right-click the created record and select Set Record Name as Default from the displayed menu.
  4. Now these values will be used for all new records.

Cloning Records

To create an exact copy of a record (or records):

  1. Select one or more records.
  2. Right-click one of the selected records and select Clone Records from the displayed menu.

Note: At cloning, content of many-to-many relational field is not cloned. If you want to create a clone of a record with a many-to-many relational field, you can do it by creating a button with a corresponding script.

Moving Records

You can move records in this program in the way similar to moving objects in Microsoft Windows: select the records you want to move and drag-and-drop them to the required location. This option can be blocked in the folder properties.

Converting Records

Converting stands for transformation of a record into another type, or data migration from one record field to another:

  1. Select the records to convert;
  2. In the Records menu select the Convert Selected Records... option;
  3. If there are several record types (forms) in the database, select the record type to transform the selected records to (the initial record type can be preserved);
  4. Specify the fields to convert the fields of the selected records to:

  5. Click OK.

Note. The data won't be converted if association between different data types cannot be set (e.g., between an image and a text);

This option can be blocked in the folder properties.

Filling Records 

By Filling Records we mean filling the same field of different records with the same data:

  1. Select the records to be filled with the same data.
  2. For the current record, set the field value to the one to be applied to all selected records.
  3. In the Records menu select the Fill Selected Records... option.
  4. Choose the field common for all records.
  5. Click OK.

You can also simultaneously change field values in several records at a time by means of a query, if you create the 'Execute script for each record' script in the query properties, on the Actions tab.

Deleting Records

To send records into the Recycle Bin, select them in the records list and then press the Del key on your keyboard or just move them to the Recycle Bin. To permanently delete the records, clear the Recycle Bin. To do that, click the Recycle Bin icon with the right mouse button and select Empty Recycle Bin from the context menu. 

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