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Find and Replace

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Find and Replace

Brilliant Database offers a possibility to accomplish simple search and replace in all types of records and folders at a time. This option is very useful if you need to quickly find or replace some text.

For structurized and fast search of records it is recommended to use queries.

To open the Find/Replace window, select the Folder > Find Records from the main menu.

Find/Replace Dialog

Find Configuration

  • Find - enter any string value (a word, a phrase etc.) you wish to search for. In this string you can use AND/OR operands to make complex search, for example:
    • Apple AND Green
    • Apple OR Pear AND Green
    • Apple OR Pear OR Banana
    Please note, Brilliant Database checks all the rules from left to right ignoring the AND priority.
  • Whole word - specifies whether or not the search string should be separated from the text;
  • Math case - specifies whether the search is case-sensitive (the word Ball is not equal to the word ball);
  • Include subdirectories - if the item is checked, program will search for records also in sub-folders;
  • Folder - specifies the folder in which records will be searched. Click the "..." button to browse for the required folder or click the "\" button to search in the root folder;
  • Field - specifies the field you want to search through;
  • Search Results - to view a record from the search results list, double-click it. The record will be opened in a new window or in a main window. You can configure this in the "View->Advanced..., Misc Settings" dialog. Right-click this field to configure the table style for the search results window.

Replace Configuration

To display the search options, click the Replace check box. In the displayed text window 'Replace With' enter the text with which you want to replace the text specified in the Find window.

Buttons Description

  • Find - click this button to start search;
  • Replace - on clicking this button a menu with two items will be displayed:
    • Replace in All Records - accomplish replacing in all found and displayed records in the 'Search Results' list.
    • Replace in Selected Records - accomplish replacing only in the selected records in the 'Search Results' list.
    Note: Only the text, for which search was accomplished, will be replaced.
  • Save Results - click this button to copy the search results to the query results window. Afterwards you can work with them as you usually do with query results (print, sort, view):

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