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Working with Fields

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Working with Fields

This section describes peculiarities of work with some types of record fields. You can change appearance and behaviour of fields using the Form Editor.

Simple Text Field

The content of this field can be highlighted red if for this field a mask is specified and it does not correspond to the entered text. For example, if mask "###-##" is specified (three digits, a dash and three digits) and only 2 digits are entered, such text will be highlighted red and the value will not be saved.

At editing a field with a mask, the program will automatically enter necessary characters and block not permissible ones. In the example above, once 3 digits are entered, the program will enter a dash and will not allow entering a letter.

Mathematical Field

If for this field the 'Dynamic' type is set, the formula used in it can be specified independently for every record. To change the formula for the current record, double-click a field. At that, the Formula Editor will be opened.

Date Field

To change the date, double-click the date field:

The yellow color shows the current date, while the red color stands for the selected date.

Drop-down Combo Field

For this field, changing of possible values in the list can be allowed. In this case:

  • To enter a new value, select a field and press Enter.
  • To change a list of values, select Edit list of values... located at the end of the list:

The content of the list can depend on the content of another list, for example, Car Make - Model or State-City.

Multi-line Text Field

If 'Spell Check' is selected for this field, then, in case there are words, that are absent in the standard dictionary, in the text, a special window will be displayed once the text is entered:

  • Suggestions - displays a list of variants of correct words spelling. The list is taken from the dictionary program.
  • Replace - replaces a strange word with the word selected from the list.
  • Add Word - adds a strange word to the user dictionary of Brilliant Database. After that the program will not regard this word as an incorrect one. The user dictionary is stored in "spell_check_dictionary.txt" file, in Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Brilliant Database... folder. You can manually enter here all specific words.
  • Skip - ignores the word in the text.

Multiselect field

This field allows you to select a number of values from the list. To add or remove a value, just click it.

Text Button

This field looks like a usual field for storing text. However, if you enter text there and press 'Enter', a specified script will be executed (for example, searching for records or adding in the order goods by the specified number). Learn more about Text Buttons...

Image Field

To get access to the image menu, right-click an image:

  • Import image from file - used to add an image to the database from a graphical file (BMP, JPG or GIF);
  • Import image from clipboard - used to add an image to the database from the standard clipboard;
  • Acquire image - used to add an image to the database from an external source such as scanner or camera.
  • Save image as - used to save the current image as file on a hard drive or on a disk;
  • Copy image to the clipboard - used to copy the current image to clipboard. Afterwards you can easily insert it in any program;
  • Open image - used to open an image in a separate window;
  • Delete image -  used to delete an image from the database.
  • Convert to jpeg -  used to convert an image into the small-size JPEG format.

File Field

This field can store any files within. At that, the database will store not a link to the file, but the file itself. That is, adding a file extends the size of the database file.

    On clicking the field:

  • If a file is not specified, the window to browse to a file will be opened.
  • If a file is specified, it will be retrieved from the database to a temporary folder and will be opened with the standard program. If the file has been changed, when the work with it is finished, Brilliant Database will offer to update the file in the database itself. Therefore, you will not have to add it to the database once again.

To access additional functions, right-click the field:

Rich-text Field (RTF)

At work with this field, a special panel for formatting and changing properties of the selected text fragment will be displayed:

Left to right:

  1. Font name
  2. Font size
  3. Bold text
  4. Italic text
  5. Underlined text
  6. Upper case
  7. Lower case
  8. Text color
  9. Text highlight color
  10. Alignment: Left
  11. Alignment: Center
  12. Alignment: Right
  13. Alignment: Justified
  14. Decrease indent
  15. Increase indent
  16. Decrease line spacing
  17. Increase line spacing
  18. Format selected text as a list

Relational Fields

Click to learn more about many-to-many relational fields...

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