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Using Brilliant Database you can attach any files to records. For example, you can insert photos, documents, mp3 files to a record. These files will be stored inside the database file, extending its size, and will be called attachments.

Beside storing files as attachments, you can store files in special fields:

  • Image Field - field for storing and viewing images;
  • File Field - field storing any files.

Adding file(s) to a Record

Method 1. Select files and move them onto the record header:

Method 2. Use the Record context menu that can be shown by right-clicking the record name in the records list or in the record window:

Opening, Saving and Deleting Attachments

If a record contains attachments, the record header will change its appearance. To open the attached file, select it from the drop-down list available by pressing the Attachments button:

At that, when you have finished working with the file that has been changed, Brilliant Database will offer to update the file in the database itself, so that you don't have to add it to the database once again.

Select the Save/Open/Delete Attachments menu item to open the attachments manager window:

  • Delete selected: used to delete the selected attachments;
  • Open selected: used to open the selected attachments using default associated applications;
  • Save selected: used to save the selected attachment(s) on to a disk as files.

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