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Select Records Dialog Properties

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Select Records Dialog Properties


The window for selecting records usually looks as follows:

However, you can cofigure it by clicking the Record(s) Input Config button. This will open the window for setting up the record selection properties.

General Tab

  • Record TypeType of records (form) to select;
  • Filter By Rules - this button allows you to specify a filter that will restrict records to be selected. For example, if we select goods to order, we can specify that their number at the storehouse should be greater than 0.
  • Top level folder - by default user can choose any folder to select records:

    However, using this option we can set a folder that will be used as a root folder ("Tests" on the screenshot):
  • Default folder - a folder selected by default. This folder must be in the "Top level folder".
  • Hide tree of folders - when this check box is selected, the tree of folders on the left will not be displayed. The record can be selected only from the folder that was selected as the Default Folder.
  • Don't allow user to create new records - when this check box is selected, the button of quick record creation directly from the record selection window will be hidden. If the user clicks this button for creating a record, the user will be prompted to enter its heading only.

Visual Tab

  • Use custom table style - this option allows to setup a different table style for the record list;
  • Specify window width and height - click thi checkbox to setup custom width and height for the dialog;
  • Set custom caption - changes the window title:
  • Add a label... - entered text will be displayed in the window for selecting record(s):

Additional Tab

Show text box for quick search and select - when this check box is selected, a text window will open above the record selection window. The selected query will be executed when the text is entered into the field:

This text field acts in the same way as the Text Button on the form. You enter the text, press Enter, and the entered text will be sent to the query as the first User Input value.

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