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Parsing - Special Characters

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Parsing - Special Characters
  • [BR] - line break;

Characters for definition of the import fields boundaries:

  • [BEGIN] - beginning of the text;
  • [END] - end of the text;

For example, to import the whole text into the specified field, specify [BEGIN] as the left text boundary and [END] as the right one.

  • [N=1], [N=2], etc. 

This tag defines that the field boundary is the N occurrence in the text. For example, if we have the text:

The Lord of The Rings  
J.R.R. Tolkien

the following should be specified to extract the price:

  • Left boundary: [BR][N=2]
  • Right boundary: $[BR], since the search for the right boundary doesn't start with the beginning of the text, but with its left boundary.

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