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Specifying Text Source for a Parser

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Specifying Text Source for a Parser

On the "Source" tab, the source of text for the parser is selected:

Depending on the type of template, you can select as a source a URL of a web-page, file path, Outlook folder and so on.

The source can be fixed ("Always use same ...") - in this case, when a template is used, text will be automatically taken from this template. This can be convenient, for example, if we use one and the same web-site to get currency rates.

You may not select the source ("Always for ... each time") - in this case, every time the template is used, you will be offered to select the source. This can be convenient, for example, if you have created a template for importing text from Microsoft Word files.

This tab is not available in the template properties if the template has the "Drag-and-drop" type; in this case, any text dragged to the program window is the source. Learn more....

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