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General Properties of a Parser

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General Properties of a Parser

  • Parser Name - name of the template being edited;
  • Parser Behavior - this field specifies the mode of data import:
    1. Fill Current Record - imported data will be entered in the current record;
    2. Create New Record - a new record (records) based on the imported data will be created, the Separate Text check box becomes enabled. You should also specify a folder in which records will be created, and the record type.
    3. Import text to variables - if this type is selected, records will not be created and fields will not be populated. Data will be copied to the specified variables that you can use in scripts afterwards.
  • Separator between records - select this check box to split incoming text into parts, each imported as a separate record. In the text field under the check box specify the string that will be used as a separator. In the example with currencies, you can select a line break as a delimited - ";[BR]", is a special character that indicates the line break. Data on every currency rate will be displayed starting from a new line.
  • Skip first part. This check box is available if we parse text by blocks. If selected, the first block will be skipped. This option may be useful if imported text with data has an unnecessary heading:

    Date, Curency, Rate
    11.11.2009, USD=1.51
    11.11.2009, EUR=1.78

    The "Date, Currency, Rate" heading will be skipped if the delimiter is the character of the line break and the specified check box is selected.

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