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Import/Parse Template Designer

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Import/Parse Template Designer

Templates of importing and parsing allow you to automate the process of retrieving data from different sources and importing it to the database. You can create such template using the Template editor.

To open the Template editor, in the "Design DB->Import/Parse Templates" menu, select a corresponding type of template:

The type of template defines the source of data.


The Parser Template Designer window is split into 3 parts:

Test Parser Button

The Test Parser button allows you to view how the selected template will work.

  1. Test real work with real data import - performs full check of the parser work. That is, the text from the specified source will be imported, it will be parsed, records will be created or the script will be executed.
  2. Test on example text - the same as variant 1, but, instead of importing the text, the sample text (located in the right part of the editor window) will be used.
  3. Test only text separation - sample text will be parsed according to the rules specified on the "Fields/Vars" tab, and the result will be displayed.

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