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Drag and Drop Parsing Templates

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Drag and Drop Parsing Templates


This type of parsing is initiated automatically when the user drags text from any other program to the Brilliant Database main window:

Let's assume that you are going to add some information about books from a popular web site into your books database. 

To do so, you simply need to drag-and-drop the text with the required information about the books from the Internet Explorer window into the window of the program we describe:

 If your database already contains a template for parsing drag-and-drop information, records will be automatically created in the database based on the text dropped:

 If no template is available, the program will suggest you to create a new import/parse template:

Drag-and-drop Template special properties

As it was said above, this type of import, in contrast to other types, is initiated automatically when text is dragged to the main window of the program. Let us assume that we have a number of such templates, one for importing data on books from Amazon, another - from Google. To specify which template should be used for corresponding text, use the "Keywords" tab in the template properties.

There are two lists on the tab:

  • Allowed Keywords - if the dropped text contains all specified words, the selected template will be applied to it.
  • Disallowed Keywords - if the dropped text contains at least one word from the list, the selected template will not be applied to it.

If two or more templates match by the keywords for parsing one and the same text, the user will be offered to select a necessary template.

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