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Network Troubleshooting

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Network Troubleshooting

Errors at connecting to the remote database (Client)

At connecting, the message "Remote Database was not found" is displayed.

This message means that the program has not get an answer to the request to connect to the database. Possible reasons:

  • The database is not opened on the remote computer. The database should be opened and shared.
  • The database is not shared on the remote computer (closed for external access). To share the database, select File > Share Database... from the menu.
  • The IP address of the remote database is specified not correctly. At sharing the database on the server, the IP address of the computer on which it is located (for example, appears in the caption. Check the correspondence of this IP address to the one that is specified in the connection window. Depending on the settings of your network, this address can change. To learn more, contact your Network Administrator.
  • The port over which the connection is accomplished is specified not correctly. By default, the database is shared over port 6420, but you can specify any other port to be used. In case the ports specified at database sharing and at connecting do not coincide, the connection will not be accomplished. Check the ports correspondence.
  • The set firewall blocks connection. Make sure the Brilliant Database program is listed in the 'Trusted Applications' section in the firewall settings.

At connecting, the message "The server version of the software is different from your version" is displayed.

In case of work over the network, the versions of programs installed on the server and client computers should coincide. To learn the exact number of the version (build), select Help > About... from the menu. The build number is specified at the upper right corner in gray and starts with the # character (for example, #0536).

To correct this error, install one version of the program on all computers working with the same database over the network (for example, download it from our site).

At connecting, the message "The license (registration key) you are using doesn't allow you..." is displayed.

This error can occur if the number of users/computers working with the database exceeds the number permissible by your license. For example, if you have purchased the license for using the program on 3 computers, you will not be able to work with the same database from 4 computers. To work on another computer with the database, you should purchase an additional license.

To learn on how many computers the registration key allows you to work, see the 'About' window (select Help > About... from the menu).

Errors at database sharing (Server)

There can be two errors:

  • The set firewall blocks connection. Make sure the Brilliant Database program is listed in the 'Trusted Applications' section in the firewall settings.
  • One Brilliant Database is already shared on your computer. To share another database on the same computer, specify another port (by default, port 6420 is used; you can specify, for example, port 6421).

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