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There are two Custom Export Template types for mailing. They are:

  • E-mail. Send one mail for each record.
  • E-mail. Send one record data in one mail.

The only difference between these two template types is that records data can be sent in one e-mail or there can be one e-mail for each record. But the mail configuration process for these types is the same.

Configuring Mailing Export Template

To configure the Mailing Export Template, click the Modify properties... button in the Custom Export Editor window.

The Template Properties window has three tabs for mail configuration:

  • General - here you can set the Name of the Export Template and specify the files that must be attached to e-mails created with this template.
  • Send Mail Using - here you can select the way for e-mails to be sent. You can set them to be sent using your default mailing software or MS Outlook. You can also choose to send e-mail directly using the SMTP protocol. In this case you will be offered to configure SMTP properties.
  • BCC and Recipients - here you can set the program to use the Outlook contact list to select the recipients. Then you can specify hidden recipients and choose to save a copy of your mail in MS Outlook.

General Tab

  • Template name - use this area to specify the name of the export template.
  • Include record attachments in e-mail - select this option to include record attachments to e-mail. In this case, if a mailed record has attachments, these files will automatically be attached to an e-mail.
  • Include the following files in e-mail - use this area to specify a custom list of attached files. Press Add Files to choose the files to be attached from your computer. Press Add DB Files to select a custom record. You will be able to select which of its attachments must be attached to the e-mail. Click Remove to remove files from the attachment list.

Send Mail Using Tab

  • Send e-mail(s) using default mailing software - select this option to send export e-mails automatically using your mail program. In this case each time you perform Mail Export, your default mailing program will be called, and the exported mail will be sent using its settings.
  • Send e-mail(s) using Microsoft Outlook - select this option to send your exported e-mail using MS Outlook.
  • Send e-mail(s) directly from SMTP Server... - select this option if you do not want to use any mailing software. You will have to configure your SMTP server using the following edit fields:
    • SMTP Server - for example,;
    • Sender - enter your mailbox name;
    • Account Name- for example,;
    • Password - enter the password of your account;
    • The server requires authentication - select this option if your server requires identification.

BCC and Recipients Tab

  • Use Outlook contact list to select recipients - if this option is selected, each time Export to e-mail is performed, you will be offered to select recipients from your MS Outlook Contacts List.
  • Hidden recipients - this section allows you to specify hidden recipients for mailing. You can specify hidden recipients manually (Manual Enter) or use the Outlook Contact List to select from it. You can also create several distribution lists in MS Outlook. In contrast to Contact List, you will be asked to select Distribution List only once, when configuring the template.
  • Save a copy of mail in Microsoft Outlook - check this option if you want the system to leave a copy of mail in Microsoft Outlook as Draft. It is necessary if you do not use MS Outlook as mailing software, but want to save your correspondence in it.

Using scripts you are able to send e-mails with a single click. To learn more about scripts, see the Script Designer section.

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