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Brilliant Database is a multilanguage application.

You can select a necessary language from the View > Language menu.

Translating to a new language

If there isn"t a language you need in the list, you may translate the program to a necessary language on your own. To do this:

  1. Open the folder with program text (by default, "C:/Program Files/Brilliant Database/Texts");
  2. Make a copy of main_eng.txt file;
  3. Name it in correspondence with your language (for example, if it is Italian, main_ita.txt);
  4. Open the new file main_lng.txt. In the first line specify a full name of the language to which you want to translate the program; in the second line specify your name or nickname to determine the authorship.
  5. Translate the content of the file. The names of groups in square brackets (for example, "[Menu]") should not be translated.
  6. After you have completed translation, save the file and start the program.
  7. A new language will appear in the Languages menu.

You can send your translation to us to for it to be added to an official distributive of our program. Owing to this:

  • Your compatriots will be able to use the program in their native language;
  • When new versions of Brilliant Database are released, you will not have to translate the whole interface anew. The only thing you will need is to translate new strings;
  • You will be able to get a license for Brilliant Database free or with a discount (contact support for more information).

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