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Import/Export to Access, Excel, etc.

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Import/Export to Access, Excel, etc.


This section describes how to import or export records to/from an existing Access, Excel or Lotus database. You can also work with data in databases using scripts. Learn more....

Importing From 3rd Part Databases (Access, Excel, Lotus)

Using Brilliant Database you can import (export) data from databases of the following types:

 Microsoft Access  *.mdb
 Microsoft Excel  *.xls
 1-2-3 WKS Lotus WK1  *.wks
 1-2-3 WK1 Lotus WK1  *.wk1
 1-2-3 WK3 Lotus WK3  *.wk3
 1-2-3 WK4 Lotus WK4  *.wk4

Select the File > Import/Parse > Import From Access/Excel menu item to open the import dialog:

For correct data import the following data should be specified: the database and the table to import records from (1-2), the folder and the record type to import records to (3) and the fields to import (4):

1. To select the database you want to import records from, click the Browse button (...) in the Import From pane.

2. In the drop down list of the Import From pane select the table to import records from.

3. In the Import To pane select the folder to import records to and the Record Type for the imported records.

4. In the Fields to Import pane set associations between the fields of the imported table and database fields by double clicking the field to import.

To start import, click the Import button.


On the Advanced tab you can set advanced import parameters:

Exporting To 3rd Part Databases (Access, Excel, Lotus)

To open the export dialog window, select the File > Export/Send > Export To Access/Excel menu item.

Records configuration and export into another database is performed similar to the import procedure.

Besides usual data export, using field correspondence, it is possible to change cells in another database with the help of a script during the export. Learn about exporting...


If you import (export) records frequently, the configuration of the data transfer (e.g., a path to the database, relation between the database fields, etc.) can be saved as a Preset. To work with presets, click the corresponding button in the bottom left part of the window:

  • Save... - used to save the current settings for import/export as a preset;
  • Load... - used to open an existing preset;
  • Delete Presets... - used to delete one or several presets.

Using Presets and Script Designer, you can completely automate the import/export process and perform it with one click.


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