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Math/Logic Functions

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Math/Logic Functions

V (|VariableName|)

Returns the value of a variable with the VariableName name. You can also simply type [$VariableName] into a formula to get the value of the variable. To learn more about variables, see the Variables section.

Abs (Value)

Returns the absolute value of Value.


Abs(-9), returns 9;

Abs(3), returns 3.

Cos (Angle)

Returns the value specifying the cosine of an angle.


Cos(90), returns 0;

Cos(60), returns 0.5.

Exp (Value)

Returns e (exponent) raised to the power of Value.


Exp(1), returns 2.7182.

Exp(0), returns 1;

If (valueA, |opearation|, valueB)

Returns 1 if valueA operation valueB is true;

Returns 0 if valueA operation valueB is false.

List of operations: equal, more, less, more or equal, less or equal.


If(5, |more|, 3), returns 1, because 5 is greater than 3;

If(2, |equal|, 7), returns 0, because 2 is not equal to 7.

If you need advanced logical structures, please use scripts.

Int (Value)

Returns the integer portion of a number.


Int(1.76), returns 1

Int(-6.32), returns -7

Log (Value)

Returns the value specifying the natural logarithm of Value.


Log(1), returns 0

Log(2.7182), returns 1

Pow (Base, Exp)

Returns Base raised to the power of Exp.


Pow(1, 12), returns 1

Pow(2, 3), returns 8

Round (Value, Precision)

Returns the rounded Value to specified Precision (number of digits after the decimal point).


Round(1.234), returns 1

Round(2.23835324, 2), returns 2.24

Round(-2.234, 2), returns -2.23

Sgn (Value)

Returns the number indicating the sign of Value:
-1 if less than zero;
 0 if equal to zero;
 1 if greater than zero.


Sgn(-12), returns -1

Sgn(0), returns 0

Sgn(3.4), returns 1

Sin (Angle)

Returns the value specifying the sine of an angle.


Sin(90), returns 1;

Sin(0), returns 0.

Sqr (Value)

Returns the square root of a number [A1].


Sqr(9), returns 3;

Sqr(1), returns 1.

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