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Creating and Deleting Forms

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Managing Forms

The simplest way to create and delete forms is to use buttons at the upper left corner on the Form Designer:

Creating New Forms

To create a new form:

  1. Open Form Designer;
  2. Select Forms->Create New Form... from the menu.
  3. A master of new forms will be displayed:

    From a list of templates, select the form that you need. If there is no appropriate form, use the "Blank" form.
  4. Click Next and pass to the second tab:

    • Form Name. We recommend that you use a noun in the singular for the name of a form. For example, the form for storing information on books may be called "Book", and the form for storing information on orders - "Order". As a result, when the form is mentioned in the process of work with the database, you will see correct messages, for example: "Create New Book" or "Are you sure to delete selected Books?"
    • Create a Folder.... Select this check box if you want to create a new folder in the database that will be used for all records with this form as a default folder. That is, all new records will be created in this folder, this folder will be used as a source at creation of queries and so on. At that, you can always move a record to another folder or select another folder as a source for a query.
    • Add relation.... This option allows you to quickly relate this form to any other form. At that, on the new form and the form that was selected for relation, necessary relational fields will be automatically created. You can create relations between forms manually, simply adding corresponding relational fields onto ready forms.
  5. Click the Finish button. A new form will be created and will appear in the list of forms.

You can also create a new form by cloning an already existing one (Forms->Clone Form...)

Deleting Forms

To delete a form:

  1. Open Form Designer.
  2. Select the form you want to delete.
  3. Select Forms->Delete Form from the menu.
  4. Confirm deletion.

Note: Before deleting a form, you should delete all records using this form from the database.

Forms order

In case there are a lot of forms in the database, you can change their order: for example, sort them alphabetically or by importance. The order of forms does not influence the work of the database but is used in the dialogs for choosing a form. For example, in the Add main menu for adding a record:

To move the current form in the list, use two right buttons on the Form Designer panel:

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