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Common Properties of a Folder

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Common Properties of a Folder


Folder properties depend on its content (records, calendar, chart and so on). In this section we will describe properties common for all folders (name, icon, toolbar, scripts and so on).

Specific folder properties are described in the following sections:

To open the Properties window, select the Folder Properties menu item in the Folder menu. The menu can be called either from the main menu, or by right-clicking the folder icon.

General Tab

Besides name and folder color\icon, it is possible to enter folder comments here and create an toolbar for the folder. The toolbar will be shown under the folder title when this folder is selected. This gives an opportunity to perform actions directly connected to the content of this folder.

Beside creation of the toolbar separately for every folder, you can select the Use parent folder toolbar option - in this case, the folder will have the same toolbar as its parent folder has. This will allow you to avoid repeated creation of a toolbar with the same functions for several folders.

Scripts Tab

On this tab, you can select a script that will be executed when the user passes to the folder. For example, in this script you can initialize variables for building up a chart or select to pass to the last record in the folder.

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