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Table View

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Table View


Records in a folder can be displayed as forms and as tables.

In what way records should be displayed in a table (columns, fonts, color settings, etc.), is defined by the 'Table Style' selected for the table.

For every type of records you can create a number of Table Styles. For example, one to display main fields of a record:

another to display photos from records:

Table View

To control Table Styles, a folder has the 'Table View' menu. To access the 'Table View' menu, use the 'Folder' menu or right-click a table with records:

The options of the menu are split into three groups:

  • The upper group contains the list of Table Styles available for the records of the folder (Detailed, Photos, Descriptions). For all types of records style Simple List can also be applied to display records of different types in one table. For example, when applying this style to a table containing records of books and relevant authors, the table will display the names of the books and the names of corresponding authors:

    The main drawback of the Simple List is the inability to display the fields specific to each record type (e.g., the number of pages in the book or the author's birth year). Such fields can be displayed only by applying the style that was specially created for the given record type, e.g., for a book:

  • To add a new style select the Create New Table Styles... option that can be found in the middle of the context menu.
  • Click the Columns... button to select the columns to be displayed in the table.
  • Click the Appearance... button to open Table Style Editor and customize the appearance of the table records (set colors, alignments, fonts, etc).


Using the 'Columns...' menu, you can select even those fields, that are hidden on the form, for displaying. To prohibit the user to select specific fields, define them in the form editor as 'System' (in the 'Edit and Visibility' section of fields properties).

Only the user having Administrator rights can edit Table Styles.

To delete a Table Style, open it by clicking the 'Appearance' button and click the 'Delete' button in the lower left part of the displayed window.

At editing Table Styles for a folder some options are not available (grouping records by fields, sorting, filtering, getting subtotal and so on). You can use them only in queries.

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