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Properties of a Folder for Records

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Properties of a Folder for Records


This section describes properties specific for a folder that contains records.

To open the Properties window, select the Folder Properties menu item in the Folder menu. The menu can be called either from the main menu, or by right-clicking the folder icon.

Records Options Tab

  • Show - defines in what way records stored in the folder should be displayed. To learn more, see the Folder Layout section.
  • Type of records - defines what type of records can be stored in the current folder. You can select a specific type of records or allow storing any records in the folder. If a specific type is selected, you will not be able to move or create a record of a different type in this folder.

    Note. In the form editor, you can specify a default folder for every record (form). At that, all new records created from the 'Add' menu will be stored to this folder. The 'Default folder' property for a form and the 'Type of records' property for a folder are independent.
  • Set "No Records" text... - this button allows you to specify text that will be displayed instead of records if they are not available.

The following options block a possibility of manual performing of some standard operations with records. However, this does not influence work of scripts with records in any way. For example, you can block moving records from the folder using the mouse, but create a button that will move a record to a specific folder.

  • Block records drag-and-drop - prohibits moving records from the current folder using dragging with a mouse.
  • Block records delete - prohibits a possibility to delete records from the folder manually (by pressing the 'Delete' key or using the Record > Delete menu).
  • Block records add - prohibits simple adding of records to the folder by using the 'Add' menu or pressing the 'Insert' key.
  • Block clone/convert/fill/default features - prohibits calling corresponding functions in the menu.

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