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Basic Operations with Folders

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Basic Operations with Folders

Creating Folders

To create a folder, use one of the following methods:

  • Select the Add->Simple Folder menu item from the main menu to create folder for storing records.
  • Select the Add->Special menu item from the main menu to create a chart, calendar, HTML page or a folder with a query results.
  • Right-click a necessary folder and select Add->Simple Folder from the menu.

Modifying Name, Icon, Color, Security Settings 

To set these folder properties, you can either use the Folder menu items or double-click the folder caption: 

  • Double-click the folder icon to set the folder icon.
  • Double-click the folder caption to set the folder caption.
  • Double-click the empty area of the folder caption to set the background color for the folder caption:

Moving Folders

You can move folders in this program in the same way as moving objects in Microsoft Windows: select the folder you want to move and drag it to the required position.

Cloning Folders

To create a folder copy, right-click it and select Clone Folder from the menu. At folder cloning, only folder properties will be copied, but not the records in the folder. Cloning a folder can be useful if it is necessary to create a number of similar folders (for example, charts).

Deleting Folders

To send a folder into the recycle bin, select it in the folders list and press the Del key on your keyboard or alternatively drag-and-drop the folder to the recycle bin. To permanently remove it, clear the recycle bin by right-clicking its icon and selecting Empty Recycle Bin from the context menu.

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