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Folder Menu

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Folder Menu

The Folder menu contains tools for work with the current folder. To access it, use the main menu or right-click a necessary folder:

  • Table View and Layout - these menus are responsible for the way in which records in the folder will be presented (as a table/form, what columns will it have and so on). Learn more about Table Styles or Layout.
  • Sort Records - sorts all records in the current folder by specified fields. Learn more about sorting...
  • Find Records - opens the search and replace window to find and replace text in records. Learn more about search/replace...
  • Sort Subfolders - if the folder has subfolders, this menu allows you to sort them in the ascending or descending order.
  • Rename Folder... - allows you to change the folder name.
  • Access Level... - opens the window for setting the access levels to the folder for different groups of users. Learn more...
  • Folder Properties... - opens the window for specifying main folder properties (name, icon, scripts and so on). Learn more...

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