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Folder Layout

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Folder Layout

The folder layout defines how records from the folder should be displayed.

To change the layout, select the Layout item from the Folder menu:

You can use one of the following 5 layouts:

  • List and Form: Vertical Split A. Records are displayed as a list (at the top) and a form (at the bottom):
  • List and Form: Vertical Split B. Records are displayed as a list (at the bottom) and a form (at the top):
  • List and Form: Horizontal Split. Records are displayed as a list (at the left) and a form (at the right):
  • List only - only a list of records is displayed:

    To open a record for editing, double-click it, and it will be opened in a new window.
  • Form only - only one record is displayed as a form:

    This type of displaying is convenient if there is only one record in the folder (for example, a greeting form with command buttons).

For vertical split you can turn on the "remember vertical split rate separately for each form" mode from the "View->Advanced...->Misc Settings" menu item.

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