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About Folders

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About Folders

In Brilliant Database, all records are stored in folders (in the same way as computer files are stored in Windows folders). All folders available in the current database are displayed in the tree-like list in the left part of the program.

The structure, names and icons of folders are fully defined by the user. Usually, one folder contains records of one type. For example, Books folder contains records on books, and Orders folder - records on orders.

However, nothing prevents you from storing records of different types in one folder. For example, you can create Archive folder and store all out-dated records in it. Or, vice versa, store records of one type in different folders. For example, store records on orders in three folders: New, In Work, Completed.

By default, records can be easily moved between folders; however, this possibility can be blocked in the folder properties. Beside simple folders, there are folders that can contain charts, reports, calendars and web pages.

To add a folder to the database, use the Add menu.

To select a folder (make it current), click its name. Properties of the current folder can be changed using the 'Folder' menu; the content of the current folder is displayed in the central part of the window.

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